Spice up your grooves with these “outside” hi-hat patterns. Check out the way these sound over the groove as Rich demonstrates hi-hat pattern derived groups of 3, 5, 6 and 7 played over rock/funk grooves.

To work on this, play a simple groove add the example on the hi-hat over the groove.

Add improvisations and create phrases by altering your kick and snare as you become comfortable.

Video Examples are as follows:

Page 25 (Groups of 3):

Page 27 (Groups of 5):

Page 28 (Groups of 6):

Page 32 (Groups of 7):

Work your independence and add some musical right hand patterns to your pop drumming.

Options of 4 will help us get our coordination in with more workouts for the feet.

Left foot workout with odd groups. There are challenges here for anyone.

Left foot workout! Get that foot going.

A fun independence and vocabulary builder, this lesson will loosen up your snare hand in Rock and Funk grooves using all the options of a group of 4.

Polyrhythmic independence for groove/fill ideas in funk and rock styles. Very fun stuff.

Fun licks using all the options of a group of three to create voicings between your snare hand and bass drum foot .

Check out some eighth note triplet independence with a polyrhythmic twist!

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