In this lesson, we will take the 6-beat patterns from pages 28-29 of Steps Beyond and apply the following rules:

  • Rests are interpreted as double strokes
  • Notes are interpreted as single strokes

Then we take that result and practice it over different subdivisions including:

  • Subdivisions of 4 (8th notes, 16th notes)
  • Subdivisions of 3 (8th note triplets, 16th note triplets)
  • Advanced subdivisions (quintuplets or septuplets if you’re feeling brave)

This pattern can then be voiced around the kit as well as played within the context of different styles (rock, hip-hop, jazz, swing, shuffle brazilian, cuban etc). In the video, Rich is playing his ideas in various styles in 4/4 time. But feel free to explore other time signatures including 3/4, 7/8, 6/8 and 5/4.

In the video, Rich explores different ideas based exercises 4, 16, 31, 59 from pages 28-29 of Steps Beyond.

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6-beat patterns to build coordination, solo ideas, fills and more!

6 beat sticking patterns that can then be voiced around the kit as well as played within the context of different styles. Fun and useful hand strengthening exercises.

In this lesson, we will take the 6-beat patterns to work our abilities with accents. A tricky and useful skill building workout.

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