In this lesson, we will take the 5-beat patterns from page 27 of Steps Beyond and apply the following rules:

  • Rests are interpreted as double strokes
  • Notes are interpreted as single strokes

Then we take that result and practice it over different subdivisions including:

  • Subdivisions of 4 (8th notes, 16th notes).
  • Subdivisions of 3 (8th note triplets, 16th note triplets).
  • Advanced subdivisions (such as septuplets if you’re feeling brave!)

This pattern can then be voiced around the kit as well as played within the context of different styles (rock, hip-hop, jazz, swing, shuffle brazilian, cuban etc).

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Awesome coordination exercises in 5 beat cycles! these will help many facets of your playing including solos and fills.

Create sticking 5 beat sticking patterns building technique and fill/solo vocabulary.

This Lessons will create technique building accent patterns in 5 beat cycles.
These patterns can then be voiced around the kit as well as played within the context of different styles.

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