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Exclusive classrooms focused on Accelerated Drumset Development

  • Polymeters and polyrhythms
  • Master complex & musical drum chops
  • Complete freedom around the kit
  • Eliminate weaknesses holding you back
  • Freedom across common & odd time signatures
  • Master odd groupings and apply them musically in jazz, cuban, brazilian, rock, hip-hop & more!

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Richard Jackson is an experienced touring artist and studio
musician / producer with varying experience across the music industry.

Author of the highly-acclaimed Step-By-Step Drums series, his most recent release, Steps Beyond, is a combination of unique teaching concepts he has developed to supercharge not only his own practice routine but also that of his students.

Steps Beyond is a thorough exploration of polyrhythms, odd-time signatures and subdivisions, and how they can be applied to make any drummer's playing more fluid and well-rounded, no matter what style they play.

Richard Jackson performing at Sturgis 2015


Featured in ModernDrummer December 2015

Expand your drumming vocabulary with the most thorough exploration of rhythm, syncopation, polyrhythms, and metric modulation.

“If musical performance is your goal,
these books are a must-have.”

– Jim Blackley
Internationally reknowned educator.

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Step by Step 1:

140 + pages of beats, fills rhythm exercises and independence ideas for all levels.


PDF + MP3 Format


Step by Step 2:

Tons of shuffles, half time shuffles, triplet fills, odd time signatures, odd groupings and rhythmic explorations.


PDF + MP3 Format


Step by Step 1 & 2:

Every page of Drum Kit Step by Step 1 and 2 including full set of mp3’s.


PDF + MP3 Format

NOTE: Printed copy of book available as upgrade at checkout.

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